Saturday, April 4, 2009


There is a satisfying anonymity that comes along with this space. I am myself and am able to express myself. I have my tales and can tell them, and maybe some one sees them or maybe not.
But it does not matter whether anyone reads my stories, or if they do, what their opinion is of them. All that matters is that they are mine. One might ask well then why bother? All of the writing and rewriting, the search for the right adjective or turn of phrase, constantly correcting grammar and spelling. Why? I have no answer to that question other than to say my stories speak to who I am. That is enough for me.

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janet said...

Hello Peg from PA,
I've followed you here from Caleb's blog. How nice to find this! I can't believe that I'm the first commenter... but I did try many times to get through the newfangled sign-in. I don't have a blog; I follow a few. I love your comments on Sharyn and Caleb's big green screen. I hope you'll keep writing because your spirit shines through your words. (Gus looks soulfully sweet.)