Thursday, August 20, 2009


August is the fastest month of the year. It eats up summertime and spits it out into September where then all we can see are the remnants of summer, just tiny bits. For all of it's speed however, August is a wonderful month. It is hot, the cicadas buzz all day, the afternoons rumble with thunder, and oh, the night noise....crickets, katydids, the hoot of a great horned owl, the bone chilling scream of the barred owl. There are the few lonely fireflies that never found a mate, blinking their cry for companionship out in the woods. If one is lucky and the middle of the month does not flash by, there are the fireworks of the Perseid meteor showers that can be viewed, rivaling the 4th of July. Sadly, though, the month seems to fly with the speed of those meteors. It is not blessed with the laziness of July. It is not sprightly like the month of June. It is plainly in a hurry to get to September and on to the next season. One has to be sure to savor every splendid day of the month, the heat, the humidity, the lush overgrowth of flowerbeds, all of the sweetness of a day at the beach, because seemingly, just as it has arrived, August is out of here.

I think there is nothing else for it, I will have a piece of watermelon and see how far I can spit the seeds .

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janet said...

Cute frog! We just found one today in our fish pond, a little one who simply appeared...if you build it they will come, I guess.
I'm glad to know that someone likes August, I don't, not much.