Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hooray!! Gus is home! With a huge (12"x10")shaved area on his back! and a 5" stapled together incision straight down the middle of his spine!! In his crate for 23 3/4 hrs a day! For 4-6 weeks!! Wow what a ride...I'd send a photo, but it is not for the faint of heart....
He is in fine spirits, does not seem to be in any pain...fentanyl patch anyone? He needs extremely serious rest, is on steroids, antibiotics and pain meds for the next 2-3 weeks (the fentanyl patch comes off tomorrow) and seems glad to be home, albeit crated.

I am the one suffering severe anxiety over his every move. I am a nervous wreck, but hopefully after a week or so I will be used to this routine. We went out for a 1/2 hour this morning and though I tried to be cool on the outside (Greg already thinks I've totally gone over the edge) inside I was so worried I felt sick. Of course he was fine when we got home.

Thanks again everyone for your support through this travail. It has been a huge help to us.


Marie in PA said...

Hi Peg

Just wanted to touch base and see how Gus was doing. Praying that all is going well.

Marie in PA

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Sending healing thoughts to Gus and good wishes to you all. He is lucky to have such a caring family.

janet said...

Hi Peg,
Hoping the healing keeps going well for Gus...and that you're all getting used to the new routine.