Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waiting For My Boy to Come Back

These past few days I feel, have been suspended in time. The air seems too thick to breathe. Waiting ,waiting, waiting. Waiting for a steadiness, waiting for a straightening of what has been rendered crooked, waiting for bits of angry inflammation to subside, waiting for strength to return. And I am holding my breath, fearful that none of what I am waiting for will return. I look into eyes so soulfully deep, so trusting and bewildered, I smooth a coat always softer than a baby's cheek, I hold up what was once so sturdy, what has held me up more times than I care to remember, that is now so frail and fragile.

Waiting is work: it saps one's will, it drains one's strength, it weakens one's spirit, leaving a hollowness bereft of hope. And yet those same soulful eyes look into mine and say it's OK, don't cry, I'm here now. I am lying right beside you where I have always been. Believe in me.

I want to, it's the waiting that I can not abide.


janet said...

Dear Peg and Gus,
What beautiful pictures! I hope Gus is doing better; even a little bit of improvement would be encouraging. Such a sweet dog! I'm sorry you're both suffering. Waiting IS tough. You're in our thoughts and prayers here in Eastham.
janet, dave, jess, molly & trudy

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Hi Peg,
Continuing to keep Gus and you in my thoughts.

Marie said...

Hi Peg

Keeping you and Gus in my prayers daily. Happy to hear he is home again

peg said...

Thank you everyone for the emails and notes...I can't tell you how much it helped!