Saturday, November 14, 2009


janet said...

Happy 2010 to you and yours, Peg.
Lots of heavy snow here in Eastham. I love the turkey-birthing-a-pear, and I miss your writing. Sending blessings.

gail said...

Hi Peg, I found your blog this morning by following a link on the Caleb Potter blog...and what a fortunate thing it was for me. I am reeling from the pain of the very recent breakup of my relationship with the man in my life (that accounts for my being up at 4 am poking around the internet). Your writings -so real, so Irish, and from the heart- brought me away from my own situation for a while. It was a gift. Thank you. Gail (Wellfleet)

peg said...

Gail,I am glad that you have visited and hope you come back often. I hope that you are feeling better after these weeks have gone by, although I certainly know the pain of ending a relationship can last a long time.
I wish you well, and heart's ease.