Friday, June 4, 2010

Who's to blame?

Helpless, the pelican sits in the surf, his wings chest and beak a rusty, globby brown. He has washed ashore like just another bit of flotsam. His back looks split as his wings sag from the weight of the thick oil coating he has been subjected to, while doing something most of us take for granted. Feeding. Pelicans dive into the sea from 50 feet in the air with their wings partially spread open to catch their meals underwater. They bob to the surface to swallow and take off to repeat this timeless dance. Only now there is no spectacular running take off over the surface of the water. Once the oil coats their wings, they become earthbound creatures, nevermore to glide, gracefully in their ungainly elegance, following the patterns of the waves as they rise and fall. That is a sight to see, flocks of many hundreds of pelicans and terns and brown boobies dive bombing the ocean during the spring migration. Now that very normal, instinctive behavior spells doom for countless shorebirds and marine life due to the folly of stupid, greedy man.
There is no way to save all of these creatures that will be destroyed by this horrific disaster in the Gulf, no way for man to redeem his mistake, a mistake so predictable, so unfixable. We are all to blame for being so complacent, and unquestioning in our daily lives. Where does the gas come from that we pump in to our cars? or the food that we put in our mouths? or the toys that we buy our children? or any of the other "conveniences" that we blindly consume? When will we wake up?
The pelicans' beak drops, glued to his breast. His eyes close, and hopefully, he is gliding again, on his way towards the light. We should all be ashamed.


Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Hi Peg,
Saw your post on Sharyn's blog. Definitely sending you positive healing thoughts for your recovery, though you have been in my general thoughts for a while.

Be well, rest, heal, feel the warmth of good wishes coming from many.


HeidiTri's said...

Hi Peg,
I also saw your post on Caleb's blog. I'm sending you many thoughts and wishes of healing and recovery.