Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slipper Envy

It's chilly here in the woods this morning and I am wishing that I could find my slipper. Not slippers, but slipper. I have one of them but the other has  gone missing. After having looked everywhere, I can only think that my woolly, warm slipper has headed down to Florida or someplace balmy and tropical. So I sit here with one foot toasty and the other well, not. The water bubbling in the fountain outside is a lovely summer-y sound, one that I know will not last for long. The fountain will be dismantled and put in the shed and my illusion of living beside a babbling brook will disappear.  I can hear the  through the closed windows the singing of the Carolina Wren, my favorite bird. They stay around all winter and carry on loud conversations that I love, but they make me long for spring. I have turned the door to their house upside down and filled it with laundry lint so at least their feet will be warm in a cozy little shelter.

A crow is cawing out in the white pine, a call that always, like the fragrance of honeysuckle, pulls me away from Pennsylvania to Cape Cod, where a large part of my heart resides. I am feeling restless. The change in seasons always brings on a desire for something I can't define. A change of residence? A different profession? A new boyfriend? A different life? A new hair-do? I don't know. I do love my home and my boyfriend, being a chef is usually fun, my life is not that bad.... and my hair? Well maybe I can do something about that. I had decided that I was going to grow it long and be one of those really cool old ladies with a braid down to her butt. But... my unruly mop has been a pain to manage and my innate laziness has taken over  Ponytail anyone? The last time I attempted to cut my own hair ended with a frantic call to my hair dresser/friend. It took some fancy scissor work to remedy my self-inflicted mullet. She begged me to please, please call her next time I got the urge to pull my all of my hair to the top of my head and cut.

Maybe I can just follow my slipper to parts unknown....

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Michelle Vanselous said...

Peggy! I have your slipper!
It's 2:27 am & I can't sleep tonight. David, Harry & I went to the Black Bass last night to celebrate my birthday. Our dinners were wonderful. Harry, well Harry. He had on khackies, blue & white stripped Brooks Bros. oxford shirt, Brooks Bros stripped tie, the gold chain I bought for George and Harold's solid gold ring with HGP inscribed on it. He was so handsome & sharing how much he can't wait for today. They have off of school & he is spending the day with a girl, Kate, who he is google eyes for. He kept saying how excited he is to spend time with her. In this, I truely loved the part of your writing focused on the crow. This drew me back to Surf View, visualizing the telephone wire which they so proudly call to us...and the seven sunrised I walked to the beach to see this year....wondering...wondering...where am I going, what's next for me, what is my purpose anymore, I need a new kind of purpose. Will we hold that slipper together? I love sharing Harry growing up with you. Will our laughter & friendship carry us to an Emmy? Will we both cry in the same fashion, together, on Harry's wedding day? You are a treasure in my life.