Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too early, cold, and wet

Just a quick thought at 4:22 am. I can hear the rain tapping on the tin roof of the screen porch. It is a cold and lonely sound this chilly morn and I  am reluctant to venture out into into the dark. But work I must so there is no choice. I know that behind the clouds there is a new moon, yesterday's having been a mere sliver gracing the western sky, the stars all the brighter for the lack of moonlight. Today, however it is dark, wet and cold. My warm bed is calling my name and the sight of the dogs curled up in theirs is making me weak with envy. Oh, for a dog's life! Oh, for my dog's life!

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janet said...

Hi Peg,
I know JUST what you mean, 'though I never go to work this early. Here it is 6am Sunday and pitch dark on the Cape. We forgot to change the clocks and turn off the alarm setting. Maybe it's a good day to see the sunrise over the beach...or better yet, to go back to sleep like the dogs!