Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was awakened yesterday by a ferocious wind. The chimes were not just ringing, they were clattering  along with the harbor bells in a wild cacophony of chaos. It felt dangerous. I was filled with fear, a foreboding that I can not explain, and I could not make myself venture out into that north wind. I find that the winter wind fills me with fear, makes me anxious and edgy, especially at night. And for whatever reason, yesterday's wind seemed to sweep all of the joy of life right out of my heart. I could find nothing to counter the way I felt. So I went back to bed and waited for the sun to come up with the hope that the light would cheer me. My hope was in vain, I spent the entire day in a blue funk. I am never one to wish my life away, but I could not wait for the day to end and I could climb back under the covers and sleep my way to today. It is quiet outside now, calm and safe. I can leave my home  without any cares or fear. Isn't it a wonder how a phenomenon of nature can so profoundly affect one's mood?