Sunday, January 8, 2012

when do the feelings fade
  those of love lost?
              do they swirl
and dance around one's head
                              like an aura,
like a wisp of fragrance that carries the memory
                                               of years gone past?
                   is there a time
when, as smoke through a flue,
  they dissipate
 leaving still smoldering embers,
        embers living, yet
                  damped down deep


Maire said...

Hi Peg
To answer your question “Do they fade?” no they do not. Those memories are woven through you and have become part of you. They make up a part of who you are. Everyone we love has taught us something. When you love someone you see the good and the bad. Of course, our love overlooks the bad; but, the goodness that we see we want that. Be it how open and welcoming he or she is when they meet someone. It could be the way that person look at life itself. I used to joke that if a tree branch would bend and show life my husband would talk to it. He loved life and almost everyone in it. Even with that being said, he simply was never not nice to the person. I did not possess these qualities. I learned his welcoming and gracious ways and in doing that he is, and will always be, woven into my being and part of me. No amount of time or years will ever dampen that. Each time I meet someone new or welcome someone into my home I remember how he would just have them feeling like they had been friends forever. I have him with me always because this is how I live my life. You have that to Peg……when you touch something or see something that ignites that memory, I believe the feelings were there all the time and are part of you. Sometimes they just need the right moment but they are always there…always.

peg said...

Hi Marie
I guess one must take the bad with the good...and I am fortunate to say that there is more of the latter. i was feeling a bit melancholy when I wrote this, missing someone very dear to me and feeling an extra pinch.
All that you write is so true and I feel something in myself of everyone I have loved....I guess the ones that I keep damped down deep are the ones that hurt the most.
Thank you for your response, and your wisdom. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing: it is good to hear your voice.
Hoping that you are well,

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg
Thank you so much for your thoughts and words. I know the days you speak of very well. I am trying my best to keep going. Life is a scarry place without the love of my life by my side. I hardly recognize it as the life we lived together day by day. Even though my reality is forever changed, I know I must move forward. It is a struggle and there are the days that I think I cannot do this anymore. But I have to and I will do the best I can. He would want that.
Thanks for your support