Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Twenty One Years

I can still hear her smiling in my head,
walking like a duck,
cowlick looking like a bald spot,
 humming tunelessly tone deaf,
 laughing at a bad joke,
questioning, answering, a walking encyclopedia.
 Mismatched color schemes,
 plastic ivy wrapped around a lamp,
 instant breakfast,
ugly wallpaper,
gaudy earrings,
mascara, eyelash crimper for fancy times,
 sewing machine humming in the night,
 patterns on the dining room table,
kitchen phone calls of pigeon Italian,
lost in the shuffle
Sunday dinner after church debacle of
uncontrolled laughter, shoulders shaking down the pew,
 tears falling,
snowdrops &  lady ferns,
 lost love,
finally friends,
 but too late
for the middle child,
the troubled child,
the lonely
and the lost.