Sunday, March 24, 2013


I met an old love yesterday. We met with a hug that never wanted to end. Our eyes caught and held and there it was as it has always been. We walked, his arm across my shoulders, mine around his waist, as naturally as if it had been yesterday that we met and fell in love, not 33 years past. We sat at the table in a small cafe, menus closed, talking, catching up on mundane things as the elephant sat on the table crowding us. Our eyes would meet and there it was, ever there, but untouchable, impossible. 

We ordered food & picked at it without interest,  each of our hearts intent upon the other. How did so much time slip by and so fast? How did things come to this pass? We are now middle aged and look it, although all I saw was the handsome man I met all those many years ago: his voice the same, his smile the same, his eyes the same. Did he see the young girl in me, I wonder?

We parted with a long hug and kiss, wondering if ever we will see each other again in this life. He had traveled a long way to see me and was on the road back and away from me once again. He stopped, lowered the passenger window and reached his hand to me. I took it and leaned down to kiss it, allowing my tears to fall on his fingers. We looked into each others eyes and said I love you, both of us realizing the import of our words. Love so sweet, so far apart, so dear, so unreachable, so right, so gone now, one day later but a world apart.