Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have no children.
I should have,
I would have,
if only I could have.
No one's Mom,
and my Mom gone:
it's a very lonely feeling, this,
my sole/soul regret~


Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Have you ever thought of being a "big sister" or a mentor to kids? You have so many wonderful and creative as well as practical gifts that you could share with someone who needs someone to care about them. I think you would be great at this and be a "mom" to many. As you well know it takes more than biology to be there for a kid.


peg said...

Thanks for your suggestions. I have thought of both, but with my work schedule, I don't believe I could put enough time in to do the job justice. I wouldn't want to get involved and not be able to follow through. I have 4 years until my county pension, and then I will have free time to offer, and offer I will!

I have tried to live life free of regrets, but that is one I can't shake off....but I do have a step grandson on the way and am looking forward to being there as he grows up like I was for my nieces...weekends in the country and all that. I can't wait!!

Thank you Jeff, for hearing me I always appreciate your kind words.
Love to you,