Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meeting the monster again......

Being diagnosed with cancer is like having your hair pulled out by the roots by a monster standing behind you. You can not see him, but the pain makes your eyes tear up, your fear makes your stomach churn, and that cold wash of sweat takes your breath away. Cancer is an ugly word and malignant sounds like what you'd name that monster,that hideous 
fearsome thing that hides inside, surfacing when you least expect it, usually when you are finally happy. I have read that in olden times people were afraid of too much happiness, they believed that the gods got jealous of too much joy and would send misery to take one's happiness away. I guess that could also be called life balancing itself out, taking the good with the bad, yin and yang. I personally would appreciate a little more time to be happy and content before being slammed upside the head by malignant melanoma. Just sayin'.

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