Saturday, March 11, 2017

Farewell dear friend

He was larger than life. With a quick smile, a hearty laugh, and a beer in his hand he'd greet me with a bear hug, and a big kiss, smelling of cigarettes, and engine oil : a man's man, with a soft hearted boyish charm. I loved him, that big man and his even bigger heart.

Always willing to pop your car on his lift , work on your truck ,do a favor for a friend, he was generous with his time and his tools. With his John Deere tractors, his new/old bulldozer, and other amazing finds, he shared his boundless enthusiasm for tinkering and fixing.  It was never long before he was pushing huge piles of dirt around with the joy of a child in his sparkling eyes.

A rough, gruff man, big and scrufty, one did not have to dig too deep to find the kind hearted soul just beneath the surface, the man who loved his Sugar with all of his being, to the moon and back, just as she loved him.

His heart was just too big for this little world and he left us with a large hole in ours. I can only hope that there are giant piles of soil and a shiny new backhoe in heaven, because that's where he is,  his big , beautiful grin lighting up the sky.

I will miss you, my friend, until we meet again.


Adele Barree said...

Peg, I am so sorry for your loss. Your love for your friend shines through this lovely tribute. Your description of him makes me think of my dear father in law whom I loved dearly. Such people are rare and beautiful in our lives.

peg said...

Thanks Adele. I am very sad and still feel overwhelming disbelief that this man, so full of life, is gone. It is hard to say goodbye. He was a rare gem, a true diamond in the rough, as his mother in-law often said.My heart goes out to his wife, my dear friend Chris who faces that empty space every day.